I'm a Dreamer

It is my dream for us to see past the illusion of separation and start living as One Human Family, coming from the same origin, bearing the same hope to protect our common home, the Earth, and striving together for Peace, Harmony, Creativity and Joy.

I'm a Visionary

I believe we can achieve this by seeking sameness not in the reflection but in our soul. Diversity is a wondrous part of the Divine Plan – our many faces, languages, cultures. We need to start seeing one another as we truly are and past the illusions we have created. We need to learn to cover our differences with love and use that as the foundation upon which to build a more compassionate society, with the focus on the maximum benefit for all, not just oneself.

I'm a Warrior

I highly value harmony and am a humanitarian at heart. But I also believe that some things are worth fighting for – such as social equality, basic human rights, freedom of speech and expression. I have been practising various Martial Arts for the past 6 years and teach Taichi and Qigong classes at various locations in London and Greater Manchester.

We are in This Together

- City, Country, The Whole World.

I strongly believe in quality connections and it is my aim to create a world-wide network of like-minded people, exchanging ideas and collaborating on various projects. So should you feel called to be a part of this, in any form or way, or have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you!

Let's talk