About Us

If you are anything like us, by now you have had enough of inspirational quotes, Facebook re-posts and perfectly polished Instagram lives.

You are ready to get back to reality and actually DO something about the state we are in as humans. You are ready to set your mind free, get your hands dirty and be more than just a statistic. You are hungry for change. And you definitely don't want to miss out on playing an active part in it!

At 'One Dream for the World', we believe in a society that is made not only from people, but also FOR them.

It is our vision for the global society to be a united body where conflict and ranking based on social class, nationality, race or a belonging to a certain group has no place. Instead, it consists of people having different skills and capabilities who at the same time are connected, exchange services, and collaborate with one another.

We value and promote integrity, transparency, equality, collaboration, creativity, freedom of speech and expression and opportunity for all.
There is indeed another way to live. THAT is not a dream.
Where there is a will , there is a way and we are determined to make it happen.


Creative Director

She is a Visionary - purposeful, driven, imaginative and full of insight, she is always looking for the next challenge. She believes that real progress is made by working as a team and implementing ideas; and she is never short of them. She is an independent thinker who doesn't settle for anything less than the best. She is not afraid to make decisions. She believes in creating opportunity and that vision, coupled with action, can truly change the world.


Spirituality Manager

She is a Dreamer. She prefers to create art, not war. She is a spiritual warrior who takes time to be still and look within for answers. She is vulnerable, calm and forgiving. She feels deeply and leads from the heart. She works hard to raise her vibrations and realise her full potential for the benefit of the self and the entire human community. She believes in unyielding integrity, meaningful relationships and using her innate gifts to serve the world.


Head of Public Relations

She has been called many a thing. Fearless. A Rebel. A fighter. A wild woman. She knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it. She is a natural problem solver; filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and a joy for life. She has a strong sense of justice and will stand up for the oppressed. She questions established societal norms and takes risks. She is a force to be reckoned with. She intends to leave a mark on the world and inspires others to do the same.

Join Us...

Whether you dream of a world free of plastic, an unconditional basic income, want to put an end to child labour, see less homelessness or simply more tolerance in the world, we want you on board. Be part of the REVOLUTION FOR CHANGE.