About Us

If you are anything like us, by now you have had enough of inspirational quotes, Facebook re-posts and perfectly polished Instagram lives.

You are ready to get back to reality and actually DO something about the state we are in as humans. You are ready to set your mind free, get your hands dirty and be more than just a statistic. You are hungry for change. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on playing an active part in it!

At ‘One Dream for the World’, we believe in a society that is made not only from people, but also FOR them.

It is our vision for the global society to be a united body where conflict and ranking based on social class, nationality, race or a belonging to a certain group has no place. Instead, it consists of people having different skills and capabilities who at the same time are connected, exchange services, and collaborate with one another.

We value and promote integrity, transparency, equality, collaboration, creativity, freedom of speech and expression and opportunity for all. There is indeed another way to live. THAT is not a dream. Where there is a will , there is a way and we are determined to make it happen.